Ramanandam ensures you the best care for your health based on tradition. Our team of expert professionals is always ready to provide the much needed advice and guidance required to select the right set of treatment and care for all skin and body types.

Ramanandam is the place where you can enjoy the traditional ayurvedic treatments and also kalari marma chikitsa. There will be the service of vaidyas who are well versed in diagnosing diseases by pulse examination.

  • Marma chikitsa/Treatment focusing vital points

Ramanandam provides ancient & traditional treatment of Kerala., kalari marma chiktsa by eminent well known personalities. This includes the treatment for fracture sprain or injury of any vital points such as low back, neck, head, hands & legs. Body effective marma treatments are available for all type of arthritis by the followers of agastyamadom

  • Nadi pareeksha/Pulse examination

One of the specialties of Ramanandam is the service of the vaidyas who are well versed in pulse examination. By examining pulse they will diagnose the disease & also the body constitution of the patients. Based on these two factors they will prescribe the medicine.

  • Sidha margam/special treatment package

These include 7, 14, 21 days of treatment there will be application of poultice (Kizhi) such as elakizhi, njavaraki, ullikizhi, Mamsakizhi, Muttakizhi etc.

  • Udalkettu/Knot

In case of dislocation, degeneration or fracture of cervical/lumbar vertebrae. We are providing special treatment methods by tieing the affected part with medicine in traditional and modern way.