• Vanitha Clinic:

A project by Ayurvedic Medical association of India (AMAI) target on adolescent and women’s health care. Through this we are opening a platform for women to reveal her problems with all freedom. Weekly once our clinic will run as Vanitha Clinic so that women can come and take treatment without any hesitation.

These days most women suffer from many gynecological diseases. Unfortunately 50 % of them will not undergo any kinds of treatments. The main reason behind this is their privacy. Women are the backbone of society. If their health is not good it will affect the family and ultimately the society. Here come the importance of Vanitha Clinic where 100% privacy and health assurance for women.

  • Mobile Post delivery care

Our ancient system is having a unique way of caring women after her delivery. After giving birth, a women’s health must be protected at any cost. Now a day’s the lack of real knowledge and scarcity of pure medicines will lead to improper caring of delivered women. Through her the baby will also acquire ill health. Here comes the importance of Post Natal Clinics.

  • Panchakarma Center

Panchakarma is the combination of basic five therapies in ayurveda used for the elimination of waste products from our body. Massaging of the body and head gives relaxation to both body and mind. The aim of our panchakarma center is to provide good quality treatment for the society

  • Yoga Center

As a result of today’s busy scheduled life people are suffering from so many diseases. Lack of exercise will cause ill health, both mentally and physically. Here comes the importance of yoga and meditation which will act as a tonic for body and mind. Ramanandam will provide the best training facility in yoga and meditation through trained instructors.

  • Marma Chikitsa

We assure our ancient and unique way of medical approach, Marma Chikitsa under the supervision of eminent vaidyas. By the magical touch of marma sastra and its sacred medicines we can bring many of the major diseases under our control.  Marma Chikitsa will also help us to improve efficiency of our body.

We offer wide range of treatment such as –


  • Abhyangam – Body massage using medical oil

  • Nasyam – Instillation of medicines into nostrils.

  • Sirodhara – Continuous pouring of medicated kashaya/oil over the head.

  • Kizhi – Application of poultice

  • Pizhichil – Pouring of medical oil all over the body in unique way.

  • Sirovasti – Retaining medicated oil over head with the help of the cap.

  • Sirolepam – Application of medicated paste over head

  • Raktamokshana – Allowing the vitiated blood to flow out of body using different technique such as leech scalpel needle etc

  • Mukha lepa – Different type of facial packs

  • Karna poorna – Retaining medicated oil inside ears.

  • Tarpana – Retaining medicated oil on eyes.

  • Vamana – Inducing vomiting by giving medicated milk or kashayam.

  • Virechana – Purgation by giving medicinal formulations

  • Vasti – Medicated enema using oil or kashayam

  • Udwartana – Massage using medicated coarse powder.